An effective 5-step method

Reach your goals in just 3 months

Coach in productivity and performance (P&P), Manfred Jeanty catalyzes your efforts towards personal and professional development. His quick, simple and effective method, helps you reach your goals and live up to your ambitions.


A unique approach that optimizes your efforts

President and founder of the Kharakter coaching experience, Manfred Jeanty is a speaker and coach certified by the International Coach Federation, who transforms people and brings them to perform at their best as world-class individuals. Manfred Jeanty helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

« Do less, become excellent and achieve more ».

Fast results, high-level performance

Are you looking for elite coaching?

Are you ready to take on new challenges? Are you looking for new ways to improve yourself?

Do you want to better control your emotions and stop letting external elements affect your actions?

Become a better version of yourself in 5 simple steps.


« I became the person I am today because I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by people and motivators who believed in me. They encouraged me to use my strengths in order to become a better version of myself. Now, my mission is to give you the tools you need to become your own masterpiece. »

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
-George Bernard Shaw

Manfred, why do you want to help as many people as possible achieve more and become successful?

To allow them to spend quality time with their family.


If you’re ready to take ACTION to harness your innermost talent and creativity to design a life beyond your dreams – Manfred is the coach for you. He will push you, encourage you, support you, and above all – he will commit to you like no other. After just one meeting, you will wonder why you had waited so long to invest in becoming the best version of yourself. Merci, Manfred

Stéphanie Coco Palermo
Actress and English communication coach


Getting out of our comfort zone, pushing our limits, thinking outside the box, Manfred Jeanty takes us on a journey far away from preconceived ideas to help us find who we truly are. Each meeting with Manfred is an exploration into the unknown, the unexpected. Nothing is predictable. More than a coach, he is a leader who brings out our intrinsic qualities and pushes us to aim higher, go further, and to always be clear on our specific intention.

Stéphanie Jecrois
Cofounder, Technovation Montréal


It is often said that one idea can change everything, but one special encounter can change the course of your life. Since I have met Manfred, I have been living up to my full potential through personalized experiences. Each meeting is different, enriching, and helps us turn our personal and professional goals into a masterpiece. What a game changer!

Mathieu Brisson
Founder and President, Young Executive Network


” It is impossible to be indifferent to Manfred’s passion. He pushes us to discover who we truly are with so much determination! It’s been an eye-opening experience for me. Now that I know what my strengths are, I can maximize them and best utilize opportunities for growth. Thank you!

Daphney Collin
Family law attorney


I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of Manfred Jeanty’s workshops and presentations over the past 3 years. The information and advice given always lead me to go much further in my thinking as an entrepreneur.
Manfred constantly pushes us to aim higher. I put his advice into practice, and the results are undeniable. I recommend the Manfred Jeanty consulting firm to anyone who wants to take it to the next level of excellence in their professional life.
Steve Noel
VP Business productivity, ITCLOUD.ca


« An experienced coach who focuses on achieving concrete goals, overall success, and developing the full potential of senior business leaders. Manfred uses an effective method to achieve visible results quickly and offers personalized support. »

Marie-Ève Cloutier
CRHA Directrice executive
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